Best CCTV Camera Installation Services in Dubai

You're in the right place! We have listed some trusted and experienced dealers who can help you find the best Dubai CCTV Installation services. There are many types of CCTV security systems available on the market, including bullet cameras, dome cameras, and turret cameras. Customers trust Helukat ELV & Security Solutions to provide the best CCTV Installation services.

  • Verified dealers offer top-quality security systems
  • High quality at an affordable price
  • With 100% customer satisfaction, you can be sure of security and safety
  • Installation is simple and affordable
  • Best CCTV Installation Services in Dubai

1) Helukat ELV & Security Solutions
Helukat ELV & Security Solutions is a SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) approved CCTV installer in Dubai and one of the leading CCTV installation companies in Dubai. Helukat ELV & Security solution works with the following brands: SAMSUNG / WISE NET, PELCO, INDIGOVISION, BOSCH, HONEYWELL, DAHUA, HIKVISION, UNV, INFINIQUE, AXIS, CP PLUS, FELIX, SONY, VISTA. Helukat ELV & Security Solutions offers a wide range of installation and services, including CCTV installation, cabling service, home automation, access control system installation, telephone system installation, wifi installation, public address system installation, etc.

 2) SwiftIT Solutions
SwiftIT is a full-service security company that offers CCTV maintenance services in Dubai. They also provide wireless CCTV camera installation solutions, video surveillance installations, and CCTV camera repair and maintenance services.?

3) V-It Solutions
V-It Solutions provides a complete service for installing security cameras within the United Arab Emirates. They are one of the companies in the United Arab Emirates to offer high-definition security and mobile-friendly surveillance camera systems.

4) Bluechip Computer Systems 
Bluechip Computer Systems provide CCTV Installation services in Dubai. Expert specialists for various CCTV Camera Installation projects. Bluechip CCTV Solutions has foolproof systems that provide security solutions.
 5) Datazone Systems 
Datazone surveillance system technology, with many clients in Dubai, UAE. It consistently delivers the most recent range of DVR and CCTV devices when security appears to be compromised. Datazone surveillance technology is an innovative solution for installing CCTV cameras.

6) Telephony, 
Telephony, the approved leading CCTV camera Installation service provider, CCTV cameras can be used to provide video surveillance in a variety of situations. Telephony Security observation framework company in Dubai can mount any security frame to meet your needs.

 7) VRS Technologies 
Installations of CCTV and DVR systems for all businesses and enterprises in Dubai. VRS Technologies offers a unique and superior service at a very affordable price.

 8) Krishcom Satellite Equipment Trading & Installation LLC
Krishcom Satellite Equipment Trading & Installation LLC. They provide Electronic Surveillance and Security Solutions.

9) Ezee Tech 
Ezee Tech will help you select and install the CCTV cameras. Ezee Tech provides CCTV camera service in UAE.

 10) Techsquad
Techsquad offers indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras and surveillance solutions that meet customers' needs.

Faq - Frequently Asked Questions

Are outdoor cameras able to be used indoors?

While outdoor cameras can be used indoors and outdoors, indoor cameras are not permitted to be used outside. If you are not completely protected from the elements, dome cameras should never be used outside. Outdoor cameras may not be suitable for indoor use. If privacy is important, it is best to use indoor cameras with more discretion.

A DVR is what?

An analog CCTV system's recording is done using a DVR or digital video recorder. 

It features a hard disc and can access the internet through your router's ethernet port using an Ethernet connection.

Some DVRs can also power CCTV cameras.

What height is ideal for installing a CCTV camera?

Putting your CCTV camera low makes it simple for potential criminals to get around the security system. Additionally, the CCTV cameras won't have a larger field of view, preventing them from keeping an eye on and recording the surroundings. Additionally, if you install the CCTV cameras too high, you'll only be able to view the visitors' heads, not their faces. However, the optimal height to position your CCTV camera is 7 to 8 feet above an intruder's easy reach and close enough to the ground to record faces and important details.

Will a sunny day harm the LEDs in an infrared camera?

No. Infrared security cameras from Helukat ELV & Security Solutions (which use LEDs) are made for both low light and lit use so that sunlight won't harm them.  The infrared LEDs turn on at night when it is dark and remain off during the day when it is light outside because they can detect when the light is low enough.  Daytime exposure to outdoor strong lights won't harm.

What is the need for CCTV?

A very effective instrument in the battle against crime is CCTV. CCTV not only acts as a great visual deterrent, but footage may also be used to prove theft, burglary, vandalism, and anti-social behavior, potentially saving you money.