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Intrusion Alarm System

SIRA Approved Intrusion or Burglar alarm system must be required in case of Chemical storage or Hazardous materials if any present in Warehouse/ Factories/buildings. Intruder alarm system along with Eguard device which is mandatory for jwelleries/Precious materials trading/Antique shops/Banks/Money Exchange Etc. It is required to use Grade 3 quality in SIRA Projects and approved brands are SATEL, ABB Etc. Satel INTEGRA 64 Plus is the widely used control panel along with surface door contact, keypad, motion sensor, panic button, Push bar, IP & GSM Module Etc. Intrusion or Panic alarm system required police connectivity through control room VOSTOK which is exclusively done by SIRA Approved Installer or Integrator.

4 core alarm or communication cable is preffered for intrusion alarm and recommended brands are BELDEN/MECAB/RAMCRO Etc.